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Kyoto - Food and Onsen

By Cian Mac Mahon July 2, 2019

Kyoto is the original capital of Japan - this goes to explain why there are so many temples and so..

A few days in Tokyo

By Cian Mac Mahon June 10, 2019

The bustling capital Tokyo was my first stop on my two and a half week trip to Japan. It's busy..

Two weeks in Zanzibar

By Cian Mac Mahon September 13, 2018

I’ve been putting off writing this blog post for a long time, because I’m finding it quite hard to..

A Stopover in Istanbul

By Cian Mac Mahon April 30, 2018

Istanbul started out as a kind of lay-over, somewhere to rest for three days while Kevin and I..

Barcelona by Walking Tour

By Cian Mac Mahon April 3, 2018

Walking tours are dangerous beasts. If you are on a good one, with an engaging guide, there's no..

Getting a data plan in Zanzibar in 11 time consuming steps

By Cian Mac Mahon November 17, 2017

We knew that being in Tanzania for so long, we’d likely want to get a data plan for our phones. And..

La Rochelle

By Cian Mac Mahon September 18, 2017

While prepping for our big trip to Tanzania later in the year, Kevin and decided to spend a weekend..

Vaccines for Tanzania - the definitive ranking

By Cian Mac Mahon August 17, 2017

 Take this post as an announcement - I'm going to Tanzania! Via Istanbul! We're going on a..

Beers and Shots in Cambridge, Massachusetts

By Cian Mac Mahon August 9, 2017

I mentioned back in my post about Boston that I was going to write a separate entry about..

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